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Here is Marius’s Story of horror and mistreatment

I live in Cape TownSouth Africa.

I had a THR.One week after my operation my wound opened up and my dr closed the wound with band aid plaster.

I also had no drains installed after my operation, as Dr Dymond does not think it is neccessary.

3 months after my operation I started having problems – serious problems!.

I could not walk on my leg and had to go onto 2 crutches, within another 3 weeks i was in a wheelchair because of the pain. It felt as if the prosthesis was loose, and moving in and out of my femur when i moved. My dr diagnosed bursitis. I developed fever attacks, and had to be covered by 3 blankets although it was high summer in South Africa. My wound was also warm and red. This carried on with weekly visits to my dr for another 3 months, and he still diagnosed bursitis. Then i developed a ball of puss the size of a gholf ball on my hip. It was surgically drained, and carried on leaking for about a week, but my dr still said i had bursitis( i believe that at this stage i already had osteomyelytis). The pain and fever was killing me, i cried like a baby. But he still let me carry on for another 2 months before he said that i had an infection.

Needless to say my live has been ruined. I had the prosthesis removed, had irrigation for 6 weeks, had another hip replacement which also became infected. I believe that i was just left for to long, that is why i ended up with chronic osteomyelytis (something you will never get rid of) and ended up having a girdlestone arthrodesis.

I also had to live with a leaking sinus for about 4 months. We had to change my dressings up to 8 times a day.

I now have no hip, and walk permanently with crutches. My leg is also 10cm shorter.

This Dr Dymond advertises as one of these Drs on safari for oversees patients. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!.

Things could have been so different for me if i seeked a second opinion when i started having problems. The only mistake i made was to believe in my dr.

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