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This video from what I understand to be one of the most respected British BHR Hip Replacement Centres is extremely interesting.

From the reading I have done I have drawn the conclusions that the key reasons why the DePuy ASR system failed was:

  • 0.05mm gap between the head and the acetabular cup – too fine a tolerance for the synovial fluid to lubricate the artificial hip joint
  • shallow acetabular cup leading to more edge wear
  • edge wear

However, manufacturing process may have something to do with it – the introduction of heat treatment of the cast cobalt chrome components weakened the metal and appears to lead accelerated osteolysis, tissue and hip breakdown.

For some reason this is not noted in this publication – and if I read it properly, the video below relates to this manufacturer? Click here.

This Scientific Paper is VERY valuable reading – and has me wondering if the problems I face with a Smith & Nephew THR are due to the manufacturing process S&N use in producing their Cobalt Chrome Metal on Metal Hip Replacement components. Click here

Clinical Fallout – Hip Resurfacing