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Just like Earl – I started to think after SEVEN years it must be ‘my body’ OR my incorrect thinking

– as Pain Counselors were informing me-hired through the ACC system to attempt me to drop my case, of nearly seven years .

I tried desperately hard-to exit the private hospital when told by orthopaedic surgeon I consulted-that “against x-ray results’ he decided I urgently needed a hip replacement.

Attempted to sign out of a private North Shore hospital-lots of proof of this.

Feeling very uneasy at the reason for being there and the lack of information I had received.

Thats a saga in itself-as to how I was coerced into going through with unwanted surgery.

On waking in recovery-I KNEW something was radically wrong.

Thought I had had a stroke, but was heart and BP healthy. Later found to be correct, (with diagnosis terminology not as correctly defined’as specialist definition of diagnosis).

Immediately severe muscle weakness (could not move my right arm-to open right eyelid, blurred vision (still existing under stress today’-hand tremor-entire right side felt different’ and strange.

Burning all over my body-with a night nurse tepid bathing me around the clock.

When tried to get out bed and WALK to toilet-discovered with total panic-that was unable to weight bear at all on right leg-had to be assisted in and out bed-this still remains today-NOW seven years later-with surgeon and anaethitist constantly telling me, all concerns on physical disability, weakness and soaring blood pressure (unknown previously) would SETTLE DOWN, until-I had a backward fall in the hospital bathroom, cracking my skull.

Thud could be heard down the corridor-so I was told.

Even then constantly told-hip had not dislocated but an ACC claim for bruising to elbows etc were noted.

What a farce.

Surgeon in haste and speed surgery at the wrong end of day-and prevented me from leaving several hours prior-were not regognzing their mistake in causing femoral nerve damage.

My own inquiries (multiple) were suggesting a lot more nerve damage than what has been recognized, and was not until 4 years later-that a great Team of Hospital Specialists entered the debacle, and assisted me ‘as much as they possibly could.

From an active, energetic lifetime dancer, and every summer -daily- swimming, I was left a partly paralized person that has never been able to lead a normal ‘life agan’ cannot even trawl though sand to get to waters edge and swim.

Could no longer participate in family activity, could not walk or drive again for 18 months-only locally and short duration before excessively tired, with leg spams and seizure.


The lifetime search began for answers, I have never been able to navigate steps, slopes, ramps, or any other than flat terrain, and from precision mover with excellent body positioning – I have become a hermit in my home-with the necessity for Home Help Assistance.

I had always known it was a surgeon mistake-rather than anaethitist-although his actions begged questioning-

An active, energetic productive lifestyle and from enjoyable part time work, and voluntary organisation assistance, my life changed over night in 2004.

After a lifetime of excersise workoiut for 20 mins every morning of my life, … I have become totally dependent on others to assist me, and rarely venture out alone-owing to the constant 10/10 pain,shocking mobilty, with gait deraingement if not focussing on how I walk with a partly numb leg and foot-that was swollen and blue for long periods of time and now intermitent.

Slowly good health, as well as disability was noted, and as one GP wrote to ACC:

-she suffers from a raft of medical problems now, including a known slight kidney impairment leading to grade 5 ‘end stage renal, and dialysis advocated.

Only through my own strong discipline, have remained slim with kidneys stable after three years of battling to retain some of my previous pre surgery lifestyle.

Many other problems too numeros to mention-with ACC on going, as they only exist to devalue the extent of injuries sustained in surgical procedure – where it is NOW suspected that I am one of the recipients of faulty hip replacement, and my vigilant kidney specialist, currently re-searching How Much scarring of healthy kidneys is due to toxic metal seepage – it is suspected a great deal.

My battle with ACC continues with yet another review coming up soon and acting as Self Represented, although functional not able to do so-Law Firms charge $800 an opinion.

My ANGER and resentment against this surgical Team is immense-and even today have NOT been notified of Faulty Hip-yet the evidence is right there on my hospital notes.

No one is being held accountable for my misery and pain, even though I try to remain bright, cheerful and optimisticFoced to retire at an early age than was intended-it is a daily struggle to ‘live life’ and participate in any activity.

Life goes on-says ACC-and after 57 assesments- a lot paid for by myself, with trialled treatments – not often successful, it becomes an emotional, physical, and financial struggle to cope well.

MY ANGER at the surgical team, local GP’s that were dismissive of the problems encountered in surgery, has come FULL CIRCLE to discover via the Herald – what I was suspecting of the past year+ and now have that track of enquiry confirmed, but no answer from any specialist in NZ – only from overseas with ACC entering into this long drawn out farcical debacle-one just kisses ‘Living Life’ goodbye, as they only put band aids over wounds-pretending to go thru the motions but are working against having to payout anything..constantly.

Thats another story for another day – Earl I feel for you, and through the Herald exposure – I pray the 570 of us affected by these implants will get the proper re-dress deserved and finally recognized.

On top of all the above-falls with injury are constant, never ending, and ACC don’t even allow these to be recognized any longer.

Balance has been affected by lack oxygen to the brain and affects spacial orientation, and precision movemenet (Fine Motor Skills-impairment).

As much as a surgical error I would suggest’ as Toxic Metal Poisoning’is yet to be fully determined, but no doubt the symptoms and signs are identical to that which has recently come to light in NZ.

Have helped many with their cases with ACC – when my own reaches Case Conclusion – prepared to help anyone else in same situation who gives up too soon when battling the ‘might and heavy weight of ACC – Like Earl, the financial, emotional, physical pressure incurred through all these years of knowledge seeking… takes its toll.

My anger is at boiling point with a surgeon who has not even notified me of this possibility…

and now against the Company that was selling these devices to our country-generic and cheap, at best-worst case scenerio is what has been so adequately portrayed through the Herald. Thanks, J