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Total Hip Replacement vs. Hip Resurfacing

Author: Hilary smiyh

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Ageing is an inevitable as well as irreversible process. As we advance to our ripe ages, several physical problems infest our bodies. One of them is malfunctioning of our bones. They lose their flexibilities after the prolonged service and manifest their problems in a myriad of ways. The ageing people often face the problem of hip joint disorders. When such problem takes a severe turn, the total hip replacement becomes a pressing need.

Not only the aged persons but also the younger ones may suffer from this problem due to any massive injury. Often people tend to ignore such problems at early stage and avoid consulting with the physicians. Such negligence aggravates the problem and then either the total hip replacement or hip resurfacing seems to be the only option to cure the patients.

In the medical jargon, the total hip replacement is termed as ‘arthroplasty’. This surgical way involves a very strenuous and therefore, the women and aged persons are not suggested to undergo this operation. Even a middle aged person without a stout figure should not go for such a surgery.

In the total hip replacement procedure, the two parts of the hips and the socket get replaced with the metallic or plastic cups to provide them the previous flexibility. Any of this hip replacement procedure is helpful in getting the patients relieved of their pains and rid of the rigidness in the bones.

Hip resurfacing is regarded as the best alternative to the total hip replacement. An experienced orthopedics can only suggest which one of them is the best for a typical individual. Though such physical disorder is the most common problem experienced by the aged people but they can manage to thwart the invasion of this disease by maintaining a healthy routine and going through a little bit of physical exercises as prescribed by an expert. Therefore, prevention of hip breakdown is always better than any surgical procedure of healing the ailment.

The hybrid technique which amazingly amalgamates the two procedures namely total hip replacement and hip resurfacing is done in accordance with the severity in the joint disorder problem. Such technique ensures the speedy recovery for the patients along with the assurance of the extended life span of the hip-joints.

In case of the hip resurfacing, a long incision along with a large dissection of muscles is to be done. On the contrary, in the process of the total hip replacement, a minor incision is to be done causing a lesser blood loss and requiring the patients stay for a shorter period in the hospital.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/anti-aging-articles/total-hip-replacement-vs-hip-resurfacing-2418727.html

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Hilary Smith is a surgeon on Knee replacement. So naturally she has good knowledge on total hip replacement and prevention of hip breakdown .For more information   she suggests http://www.drsheinkop.com/home/


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