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57 product liability lawsuits pending against the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement systems

Source: Gregory Fraser

At present there are at least 57 product liability lawsuits pending in courts across the country against the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement systems. These cases have now been consolidated in the U.S District Court for Northern Texas for pre-trial proceedings to be presided over by Judge James Kinkeade.  In the future any new DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement lawsuits will be transferred to the U.S District Court for Northern Texas. The option of total hip replacement surgery vs. its alternative, hip resurfacing surgery generally runs through the minds of many plaintiffs.

Once the news of MDL was issued, DePuy had lobbied that it take place in the U.S District Court for Northern Texas which was granted by a Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation (JPML).  The JMPL Chairman John Heyburn elaborates on the Panel’s reasons by stating “Centralization will eliminate duplicative discovery, prevent inconsistent pretrial rulings on discovery and other issues, and conserve the resources of the parties, their counsel and the judiciary.

The importance of these pre-trial proceedings lay in what they may do to future cases against the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement systems, verdicts on such things liability and even compensation will be determine here. There are still many who remember that DePuy had to recall another one of its hip replacement systems the ASR just recently, the DePuy ASR hip replacement system was recalled due to higher than normal failure rates. The Multidistrict Litigation Panel (MDL) consolidated the cases against the DePuy Pinnacle on the grounds that the lawsuits all had similar claims of dislocation, unusually high failure rates and that the metal-on-metal socket causes metal particles to become introduced into the blood stream over time, causing Metallosis, bone damage and tissue loss.

If you believe that your DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement has become loose or is causing you pain, then you may want to join the increasing amount of people who are filing a DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit. In the past DePuy has allocated almost $1 billion dollars in funds to those who have been injured by their products; many experts believe if the MDL will rule in favor of the injured that number could rise even higherIf you would like more information on any potential legal action you may take against DePuy visit with a DePuy Pinnacle lawyer as soon as possible, many lawyers will give a you a free consultation and not charge you unless your case receives compensation.

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