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More patients sue Canberra surgeon Richard Hocking.

More patients sue Canberra surgeon Richard Hocking


Date  March 2, 2014


Canberra orthopaedic surgeon Dr Richard Hocking.Canberra orthopaedic surgeon Dr Richard Hocking.

Five patients are now suing Canberra orthopaedic surgeon Richard Hocking in the ACT Supreme Court following the lodgment of two more cases.

Dr Hocking is also appealing what his lawyers say is a manifestly excessive and biased suspension by the ACT Medical Board in the same court.

In one of the new cases, a 34-year-old woman diagnosed with an abnormal formation of the hip socket known as hip dysplasia is also suing Canberra Hospital.

It is alleged she was incorrectly told to have a periacetabular osteotomy, the surgical cutting of bone to allow for realignment, which was likely to fail.


Dr Hocking referred all questions to his lawyer when contacted, who could not be reached in relation to this case.

It has been alleged that the woman should have had a hip replacement or received conservative treatment based on anti-inflammatory medication, painkillers and activity modification instead of the osteotomy.

Her lawyer, Anna Walsh, said her client did not give informed consent for the osteotomy, which was performed in February 2011.

It is also alleged that during the operation a part of her pubic bone was fractured and damage to an artery in her pelvis caused major bleeding, which formed a large haematoma and led to a blood transfusion the next day.

Documents say another surgeon removed the screws from her osteotomy in March last year.

In the second fresh case, a 64-year-old woman alleged a part of her right hip replacement performed by Dr Hocking in October 2012 needed to be redone because the prosthesis was installed incorrectly, causing pain and reduced mobility.

Dr Hocking denied this and said he would vigorously defend himself. The woman alleged she now needed pain medication and assistance with domestic duties because of her reduced ability to bend her right leg, squat or kneel. She said she suffered groin pain and damage to her psoas tendon.

She complained of pain after her original surgery, which she said injections of an anti-inflammatory steroid and platelet-rich plasma did not alleviate, and it is alleged Dr Hocking failed to diagnose the wrongly positioned prosthesis in a timely manner.

Two other matters lodged in the court allege Dr Hocking installed prosthetic hips incorrectly, which he denies.


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