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Rottenstein Law Group Notes With Approval Facebook Decision to Withdraw Special Privileges From Drugmakers

PRWEB.COM Newswire (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

According to an article at DailyTech, Facebook has reversed an earlier policy decision to exempt the pages of pharmaceutical companies from public comments. Now those pages, like all others, will be open to all comments from other Facebook users. The policy reversal is prompting the pharmaceutical companies to take down their Facebook pages.

“It took years for the pharmaceutical companies to create Facebook pages because they feared users could write negative statements about their products all over their page Walls,” according to the article. “Also, these companies were worried that users could write about bad side effects and encourage/advertise off-label use. Facebook finally gave them the exclusive ability to block public comments on their page Walls.”

Now, however, Facebook is disallowing the blocking of public comments, and the drug companies are “not happy about it.” Facebook noted that it will allow some companies to continue blocking public comments, but most will lose this privilege. The companies that will become open are those focused on the company itself or “patient-specific communities.”

“Companies who don’t delete their Facebook [pages] worry that they’ll have to use additional resources to monitor their page Walls on a daily basis,” the article explained. “The reason for constant monitoring is their fear of adverse event reports (AERs), which would be a result of a user posting about a negative reaction to a certain company medication, and the information potentially qualifying as an AER. This must then be filed with the Food and Drug Administration, which will lead to reevaluation of the product’s safety.”

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