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Made it home with the left hip winning the pain game! Right hip sore to touch too near the scar. Feels like the hip poking thru!

Hip keeps clicking whenever I move so I might need to have a chat to the specialist as today was the first time it has been so noticeable. Before now it has been more “on and off”.

Anyway, every day above ground is a bonus! LOL!

And at least I am walking & reasonably mobile!

PS. Qantas flight was good on the way down to Sydney, a Boeing 767 and more room and even reasonable service! Not the usual grumpy stuff.

Jet Star on the was home was a A320 tin can with no leg room, but nice leather seats. Knees jammed into the seat in front. Built for midgets not usual sized blokes. Service was good, if you paid some money!

Late leaving as usual, though ash clouds may have been the cause? Anyway, as a rule based on the last 20 years out of Sydney, nothing leaves on time, especially on Friday nights!