Hi everyone,

I haven’t been around much due to work and health pressures. I have been setting up a new business for an Aborigine Nation in SW Queensland (Australia) which is the first meaningful project I have done for a long while.

But… Driving several thousand km per week doesn’t agree with the hips… Funny that …

I have discovered “trochanteric bursitis” thanks to my ever inventive right (revised) hip… This seems to be most unhelpful when it comes to pain and mobility!

I did some reading and actually discovered what the the trochanter and bursa are. All very good as long as they don’t become inflamed.

The steroid injection hit the spot judging by my scream! Apparently there is a much better success rate correlated with the loudness!

It has been a few weeks and there seems to be some improvement but mobility is still impacted. I have a pronounced limp from the right hip.

The left hip is down to about 30% cartilage left but fortunately it is still weight bearing, just. Soon it will even up the limping from the other hip and so at least I will be well balanced and symmetrical again!!! I am in denial and putting this replacement off for as long as possible. I figure once walking becomes impossible, it will be time!!!

So, the joys of having “two pains in the bum”!!!

It’s the weekend almost here and I am having a few days off to visit my children for their birthdays.

I might even find time to do some blogging if I can find Internet access.