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Hi ,

I had my DePuy hip in 2006 and had trouble from day 1.

I had full blown trouble 2008 as I couldn’t stand the pain anymore , no sleep , pain 100% 24/7 everything hurt . Had x-rays and yes there was a “gap” coming in the lower part of the shaft (so the specialist said) His opinion was is par of the course , & it will get better . And it didn’t .

I thought myself that I had done damage somehow , it was so painful I couldn’t put pressure on it , not stand on that leg alone. Had quite a bit of hiring crutches and actually buying 3 walking sticks, 1 for the car 1 for inside down stairs and 1 upstairs.

By the time 2010 came I was sleeping down stairs as the stairs were too much now, and still was told that it was part of the process. The only thing that was to comfort me was to loose weight to lessen the load. So I lost 8kgs (and I am not even large I am 5″8 and around 10stone).

Now had a the THING out and ( DePuy Replaced ) and still having trouble. Can’t sleep through so much pain.

My knee is so bad and I have never had trouble with my knees. It has now been 4 months and I cannot believe that it is worse than before.

I still have crutches for really bad days and walking sticks for others , and mind you there are more bad days than good ones.

I have had actually the last 4 years of a nothing life, cant go boating on our boat, cant go fishing on rocks , cant get into a normal car, we had to buy a 4 wheel drive so I can get up into it as I can’t possibly get into a lower car, can’t push a pram, can’t ride my bike, cant sit for long, can’t stand for long, can’t lay on either sides.

I would rather go through labour 10 times a year than put up with this pain.

I have now put on 9 kg and that of course apparently is like 3 times that weight on my hip (specialists theory). So now on weight supplements to try and loose weight without exercising. I don’t know whether anyone else is having trouble like me.

I feel like I am the only person around with all these problems . So if anyone out there is sick to death of it please contact .



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