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March 16, 2012

United States House of Representatives Seal

United States House of Representatives Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Next week, the U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. No. 5, which has been falsely referred to as a healthcare bill. In fact, the legislation is designed to significantly limit the rights of injured patients to sue doctors, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, and nursing homes.

More than 98,000 patients die each year in this country due to medical negligence. Injuries caused by defective drugs and medical devices are also leading causes of death, and cost our Medicare and Medicaid agencies billions of dollars in medical expenses. These expenses should be paid by the companies who caused the harm but are instead being passed on to taxpayers through H.R. No. 5. H.R. No. 5 limits damages and largely immunizes the pharmaceutical industry from liability. Shockingly, H.R. No. 5 would also provide partial immunity to doctors who commit criminal acts or intentionally harm their patients.

Various organizations that are dedicated to patient safety and protection of our legal system are outraged by the breadth of H.R. No. 5. This bill is also offensive to the Tea Party. H.R. No. 5 seeks to greatly diminish the rights of states to govern themselves and greatly expands the influence of our federal government. Additionally, H.R. No. 5 will increase healthcare costs and create a greater burden on taxpayers.

Please join us in urging your Representatives to vote “No” on H.R. No. 5 by calling your member of Congress or visiting www.peopleoverprofits.org to send an email.   (Scroll down to “Current Issues” Click on “Take Action”  enter information and the site will automatically enter your representatives information).

If this bill goes forward, and a doctor can have partial immunity for accidentally hurting you, cutting off you leg, instead of taking out your appendix, and the dr. can intentionally hurt you, then I can’t see the harm in robbing a bank. Worse case you may have to pay a fine.

This demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt the medical device world takes precedence over the safety, well being and quality of our lives. Sorry folks we knew our metal on metal hips could have serious adversities to human life, we didn’t have time to thoroughly study the matter we had to make sure Market Share, Finances, investors etc were all happy and of course we CEO’s must insure we get our million dollar bonuses.

After all what’s a few lives, as one doctor quoted we (humans) are merely a spec on a large disc, when referring to testing devices.