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“Where to from here?”

I have spent a great deal of time contemplating this weekend as you may have seen from my most recent comment! I was asked to sit down and consider my compensation claim to be put to Johnson and Johnson De Puy and I found it not quite the liberating experience I thought it might be. Mainly because I like many others would be doing so and thinking: “This is my life, my damaged body and my uncertain future!”

This process did however prompt me to go back over the last 18 months or so and consider all that has happened, the amazing people I have had the honour to meet, I have realised what is was for so long that many of my patients used to describe to me as the ‘medical merry-go-round”, and above all else, I have realised just how dangerous a faulty device, that was blindly approved for use, installed by surgeons who were either ill-informed or ignorant to it’s risks, is to the poor patients who have been unfortunate enough to receive these devices.

To those who are unaware, the 2 biggest class actions here in Australia have combined (Shine Law Firm and Maurice Blackburn Legal Firm) and now we all just have to wait and see what Johnson & Johnson De Puy decide to do! I also feel for those who have received a Birmingham or any other metal on metal implant as I believe that more and more evidence is coming to the surface about just how risky this technology is to those who have had it installed in their bodies. I hope that all of you have been given some opportunity to seek re-course if you have had your health adversely effected in any way. I would implore all of you to keep seeking advice, keep asking questions and please don’t be afraid to have it removed if you are concerned in any way.

I have had the pleasure of meeting people like Bob Lugton and others who all continue to suffer each and every day from either the after effects of their original implant or the supposed correction surgery that has either failed or was so complex that their bodies will never be the same. It is because of people like Bob and others that I will continue to speak up and let as many people as I can know about the damage and distress that these devices have caused.

We have now had the results of the Senate inquiry handed down, a handy amount of media interest in it and the issues that were behind its formation and of course the class actions continue. We need to keep this issue in front of the public, if you are asked about it don’t be afraid to speak up, if you are not sure or worried, you can always refer any one interested to those of us who have been a part of the process and the media for a while. Please be assured that this is not going to go away, everyone should realise that the health issues related to these implants are only going to get worse until the medical fraternity realise that desperate research and medical funding is going to need to be poured into looking after the health of those of us effected sooner rather than later.

I hope that all of you have a good week, that the pain is bearable, any little wins you have are celebrated and above all else, don’t give up!!

Stuart Cain