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My Experiences with medication-Nerve damage.

Over the seven year period-when my chronic pain is often 10/10, I have spent
approx $5,000 yearly on medication (hardly took any prior-and of the more
natural variety).

At first ACC allowed me $20 per week-toward my high cost, when accepted that
nerve and mutliple reasons for this pain occuring ONLY surgery, then fall
in hospital bathroom.

I have shopped on the Internet, as well as some very hefty prescription
medication, which is ongoing. The BEST over the counter drugs are:

DONT TOUCH Nerontyn for nerve pain-sends one’s body into anaphyltic shock (a
killer state/all on its own.

Tramadol did nothing for me, and as for the pathetic paracetemol, which they dish out like lollies-is as weak as dishwater, and not suited for the damage that we have collectively suffered and suffering from.

Wanted to give you a caution on Volatren as it is the probable drug-that scarred my healthy kidneys irreversably, and led to nearly being on dialysis.

Some excellent research – now that you are also suffering from the peroneal and sciatic nerve damage.

Complications of Nerve Damage:

  • Aseptic necrosis of the femur Head
  • Femoral damage and femoral nerve palsy
  • Nerve Entrapment Syndrome of the Lower Extremity

I have a computer full of research on nerve damage, so much at last been
able to be proved, and the compartment syndrome-where the damaged nerve is
trapped-by concrete/bone cement, glue, and every damn thing they can use-to fill the cavity-and pray, that somehow the new BONE is going to take, and bond, aided by screws, wire, taping-liners, anything that they can insert the flagpole into; with a hit and miss technique, then covered and closed in by all the gunk which you have aptly pointed out, in many posts.

PLEASE be careful of what you/we all swallow to get relief. Often as poisonous as the metallosis, and anaemia, metal bone disease, and other systemic side affects, from the gunk inside us, and the pills we swallow.

That my addition to todays received Post. I can quote from living experience,
and adds to the grievances, that we HAVE to resort to just about anything we
could find.

Learning allows us to reverse SOME of these afflictions, but not all.


Jill NZ

PS. I can feel the stem in my thigh, and it hurts and aches constantly, prohibiting movement, and adding to gait derangement, chronic fatigue etc..