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Ed Confirms that S&N BHR MoM’s are Ticking Bombs…


I applaud your compilation of experiences and data on issues with Smith & Nephew BHR (resurfacing) MOM implants..

I too have similar experience to share in the hope FDA and the medical community begin to wake up and address the issues…

My initial BHR resurfacing was done in August 2009 by one of the leading surgeons for the same in the NY/NJ metropolitan area…In April of 2012, ONLY as a result of reading and seeing class action suits evolve, I became concerned about the possibilities of cobalt/chromium toxicity in the case of MOM devices and subsequent recalls of MOM hip replacements such as the J&J product and elected to have my blood tested ….I found my levels were literally off the charts!

I had NO symptoms of this wear and device failure at that point while having alarmingly high levels of cobalt & chromium, that is the scary part..People can have this toxic blood poisoning w/o knowing for years! A ticking time bomb.

Fast forwarding to July of 2012 and following having a MARS ( MAVRIC) specialty MRI at the NYC Orthopedic, “Hospital for Special Surgery” which detected the presence of metal debris, beginnings of tissue damage and bone erosion it was validated the device was failing after less than 3 years! The solution, a DO OVER..extract the device and have a total MOP hip replacement..This is now scheduled for December.

During my last consult with the original surgeon, he confided that his confidence in the Smith & Nephew BHR ( Birmingham Hip resurfacing) was definitely shaken and questioned just how many patients out there since 2006 would show evidence of this problem if they in fact did have their blood tested for Cobalt & Chromium. As of July of this year he was NOT taking on any new patients for this hip resurfacing and it is my understanding that the #1 surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery ( relative to #’s of devices implanted) has also subsequently discontinued performing this surgery as well.

Unfortunately, this could be the tip of the iceberg for this problem and I encourage all BHR patients take the initiative in the interest of self advocacy to have their blood tested because there is NO present medical or post surgery protocol to monitor cobalt/chromium levels for patients having these MOM devices.

Ed Larsen



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