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A Warning for all MOM Patients – It is NEVER over, and your health is never, ever going to be the same!

photos July Aug Sept 12 594My apologies for not writing for some time! I have been following the progress of the many brave people who have been using Earl’s awesome blog and I continue to admire every one of you who have been able to speak up and even more so, those of you who are unable to share but use the site as a communication tool and information gathering service! I implore all of you to continue to speak out and seek answers, as I have found out (as has Howard, Bob, Brooks, Earl, Meg, Anna, Connie and so many others) these answers are often not there to be discovered, but if we all continue to push the medical world, the device manufacturers, governments and regulators, they may actually realise the importance of this and provide the funding to the researchers who are crying out for the opportunity to look into this terrible situation. My best wishes for 2013 to all, mine hasn’t started very well but I hope that the following will give each of you renewed vigour and the strength not to accept mediocrity in your treatment by the device manufacturers or the medical world!

Thanks to Johnson and Johnson/DePuy, Smith and Nephew and all the other companies that pushed MOM (Metal-on Metal) technology into the market place our lives will never be the same. Not only for the current issues that each and every one of us is experiencing, but for those that are going to continue to develop until we all die. I wanted to share with you my latest ‘issue’ and let it be a warning that there are darker days ahead for many of us who are yet to find out the true impact of what these implants and their associated ‘side-effects’ are doing to us.

I don’t know what each person was told, but I was assured that this ‘Rolls Royce’ of implants would allow me as a young person (37 at the time of implantation), to go back to my previous level of activity (with some obvious limitations) and that it would last longer than the alternatives. This was probably where the biggest mistake was made (apart from using the bloody thing in the first place). After 3 revisions of the hip, the insertion of a plate and 9 screws to hold my femur together and of course the painful rehab associated with this, I am now in a worse condition than I was before the initial implant. I know many of you will relate to this (30 operations now isn’t it Howard!). I almost wish the suspected infection that they thought was in my bone actually was there this week as even though it would suck, the treatment was possible! Unlike the ‘holding pattern’ I have been placed in whilst the medical world try to come up with why my health has deteriorated to the point that it has!

My ‘ASR experience’, as Johnson and Johnson/DePuy like to refer to it as, has come crashing down on me in the last week. After a rapid deterioration in my health over the last 2 months I had an x-ray which showed that not only had my 15 month-old fracture in my femur not healed (as it previously appeared to finally be), but it has now increased in size and ‘crossed’ over 2 of the screws in my femur. This has occurred during a month where I was virtually chair and bed bound as I had incredible pain, increasing fatigue without actually being able to sleep and couldn’t weight bear without a great deal of assistance. I had also developed intense pain in the foot on the opposite side to the implant, pain in my opposite shoulder and lower back. After a series of blood tests (to rule out infection), Nuclear Bone Scans and CT Scans, it is confirmed that I have ‘stress fractures’ in my foot and signs of developing fractures in my shoulder and lower back. No, I wasn’t in a car crash, these ‘fractures’ have developed ‘spontaneously’ as described by my surgeon. In his words: “how can an otherwise healthy individual (not counting my destroyed hip of course) develop stress fractures, especially when you haven’t been doing anything”.

In the absence of research and evidence (as no-one either has the funding or genuine interest, or if it has been done is too damning for us to see!) on the effects of Cobalt and Chromium toxicity on the body, my surgeon after seeing ‘some very interesting side effects’ in his other patients firmly believes that we are now starting to see the true effects of Cobalt and Chromium toxicity in the human body. He also notes that it is an interesting correlation between the higher levels of side effects in those people who were more ‘active’ after being implanted with a MOM device. I should note that my surgeon has never used any MOM technology as he felt when it was released that it wasn’t tested and investigated enough for not only its long term sustainability but also for the possible side effects that it may create. This was on the basis of research in the 1990’s and early 2000’s into the ‘wear’ of such devices and how there was little evidence of what this ‘wear’ might do to the patient. It is amazing that the very small number of surgeons, such as him, are now given almost ‘charlatan’ status now if they have the courage to speak out amongst their own colleagues about MOM implants, I am sure that Dr Steve may well appreciate this!

So now as I enter a new week of more doctors and tests, the ever-present company of pain, not being able to walk without crutches and the mental anguish of not only ‘not knowing’ where to turn from here, let alone what effect this is having on my wonderful wife and amazing family, I want all of you to be aware that there is so much more that none of us are aware of about the effects of MOM implants and as I have now experienced, the medical world have even fewer answers when it does happen! I even approached Johnson and Johnson/DePuy direct to see what they are doing about research into the effects of these devices, surprisingly they were more concerned about the multitude of pending legal cases than what these wonderful devices will continue to do to us patients as long as we live! I implore each and every one of you who have had a MOM implant (or your loved ones) to monitor your health with diligence, as I found out it isn’t just the area of concern (your implanted hip/s) that you need to consider, this poison can hit you anywhere! I should have known as part of my ‘initial’ raft of side effects was a very rare form of anaemia caused by of all things “heavy metal poisoning”, this is a systemic problem we all need to be aware of now. Please also remember, the removal of the offending device is not the ‘end of the road’ as far as your problems go, if you had a recognised toxicity to Cobalt or Chromium, or even one that wasn’t investigated, the damage has been done, we are all just waiting to see now how that damage presents to us all!

I would be very interested to hear from anyone else, who has had problems with either poor fracture healing after Cobalt/Chromium toxicity or of course the development of ‘random fractures’, I also encourage anyone who has had any as yet ‘unexplained’ side effects to please let us know as I would like to try to develop a data base of any side effects that have or may be attributed to Cobalt or Chromium toxicity. I have tried to see if such a list exists and I am yet to find one (please let me know if I have had a ‘boy look’ and missed it if it does indeed exist), although I suspect that as many of these effects are only now coming to prominence that a list would be inaccurate anyway. I would be very interested to hear if anyone has had any luck with any sorts of treatments (western or eastern medical, alternative or otherwise) to do with their complications from their MOM implant so that these can be shared to the wider group.

I hope that everyone has a better week! I am going to fight to get to the bottom of this in my circumstance as to be honest I am truly scared of where this might lead and I think my family have suffered enough through all of this without having to sit back and watch me slide even further into the mire of declining health! I am very aware that there are many of you out there in a worse position than me so please don’t think I am in any way diminishing your experiences, I can only imagine what you are going through and lend my support in any way I can!  I am also determined that regardless of compensation payouts and court cases, that Johnson and Johnson/DePuy, Smith and Nephew and any other ethically challenged medical device manufacturer is truly held to account for what has happened to each of us and apparently what is continuing to happen to each of us! I encourage you to keep up the fight, share your experiences with us or at the very least seek answers to any questions regardless of what people (especially doctors who may have a reason (financial or conscience) to keep you in the dark) try to tell you, if you don’t believe them or have doubts about the answer/s you have been given look elsewhere until you are satisfied!

One final thought: “Hope is the essence of life, no-one can live without hope!”, this Buddhist quote is one that I wear (literally) around my neck every day, I think that we can all draw some strength from it as I believe it is vital to us all getting through this (although it has been sorely tested in the last couple of weeks!! J).

Take Care, Stuart Cain