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Howard has put together a video outlining his problems with the damage to his health and life caused by the metallosis resulting from a Smith & Nephew BHR metal on metal hip replacement – over 10 months in hospital and over 30 operations, he is lucky to be alive.

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Howard Sadwin

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Here are the written rules regarding conflict of interest: how could the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Device have ever been pma (pre-market approval) with McMinn and company receiving 66 million pounds for a company he was a principal. This companies best reported gross earnings was 23 million pounds ???? Then once the bhr received pma approval in the USA He and Company received an additional 33 million pounds. Originally He worked for Smith and Nephew, then along the processing of the application on the bhr he suddenly became a consultant????

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 »

(a) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates clinical studies submitted in marketing applications, required by law, for new human drugs and biological products and marketing applications and r…