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I am female aged 62yrs and live in the UK.

I had a revision hip replacement due to high level of metals ie cobalt and chromium 10th August 2011 after several years of feeling very poorly.

I have experienced some debilitating symptons which have completely altered my quality of life, including thyroid problems,nausea, fatigue, headaches muscle and joint pains, breathing problems, poor memory and anxiety and sleeplessness…

In fact I was beginning to think I going crazy after countless visits to my GP who said I was depressed and hyperventilating.

I knew I was not depressed just very very sad at feeling so ill. He recently refered me to a rheumatologist and I have undergone tests. I am waiting for the results which may take another few weeks to get ..

I am very frustrated and scared, feel alone. In spite of having a have a wonderful family and a new grandson who I would like to delight in but due to my health issues am unable.. I do not want to worry them with my real concerns.

I came across this site by default today, as I am trying to find answers help and support.

I want to thank Dr Micheal McCabe for such articulate and understandable words and it seems I am not soo alone..

I would like to speak to other people who feel like me and have had similar experience. It seems impossible to find a forum in the UK. Everything is shrouded in complexities.

Also maybe I am not as computer literate as I could be. It is really difficult to get people to listen especially when you sometimes dont have the energy to talk let alone describe how things really are affecting you.

Anyway thank you for this opportunity to write. I am not even sure where my words will land !!!!

kind regards