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I read your letters every day.  So many people having difficulties world wide.  I have the Stryker TritonCeramic-on Ceramic Alumina.

Recall reasons, contaminated parts from Cork Ireland, Fractures of the ceramics, loosening of the non-cemented stems, so on…

I am a previous X-ray, Special Procedure, Cardiac Cath tech, and EMT.  I worked with Ortho, Neuro ,Vascular  Ambulance……

In those areas I met many individuals from many companies.  Their knowledge of their products, their pride…… The one thing I seem to be seeing is not only are the companies spending millions in development and having FDA approvals, but a real pride in what they are doing.  In my surgery (I requested to be awake)  someone asked my Doctor why he was using the particular device that I have.  He answered with great confidence,” because she is young”.  I was 53 at that time.  My surgery went very well, recovery went very well.

Slowly my ability to be as active as I had been when I had my surgery went down hill. Arthritis in feet, neck and so on.  I knew of the FDA warning letters 3 weeks after my surgery and less than 3 months after my surgery (12/07/05) inFeb. the FDA sent out a more imposing letter to Stryker in Feb. 2006. regarding the hip that I have.

After 6 years I started squeeking, grinding, and making noises with pain at night. 

I frightened my patients in their homes the noises were so loud.  My Doctor checked with the hospital to see if he could do an off label not approved injection of an 2 part  Hyaluronan product that takes several weeks of injections.  He was told no.

I had also heard of HA from natural healing readings.  I tried a product that worked in only 1 week except when I was overheated working.

I tried higher molecular wts. (Dalton weights)  it took a few in combinations before all squeaking and grinding disapeared.  Then I tried to stop one of them at a time and squeaking and grinding came back.  For me it seems that I need different levels of the HA to help my body with lubercating thearthroplasty.

You have a great following.  I am committed to helping others. Seems to make sense. FDA will notrecognize natural supplements.  If I and you can help others from becoming sick, avoid more surgeries, at least try to help their bodies from ? not  lubercating? or ? rejecting ? their  arthroplasties, is it not worth a try to get the information out to them?  All of our hips and knees were dis-eased before the surgeries.

Please help me to help others.

Thank you

Lorraine Frechette

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