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DePuy ASR Hip Settlements. Rottenstein Law Group

DePuy ASR Hip Settlements

Both law firm web sites and mass media articles detailing the metal-on-metal hip implant debacle often report that Johnson & Johnson has set aside $3 billion to settle the 3,000 ASR hip replacement lawsuits pending against it. These statements are presumably based on J&J’s 2011 fourth-quarter earnings report, which accounts for $3 billion worth of charges “largely related to the recall of its defective [ASR] artificial hips,” according to a January 2012 Reuters article.

“The [2011] fourth-quarter charges will allow money to be set aside for patients and lawyers involved in ongoing product liability litigation,” the January 2012 Reuters article goes on to report, later detailing that “ the array of [2011] fourth-quarter charges include $800 million for medical costs of the recall.”

Whatever the exact amount of the settlement funds reserved for ASR victims by J&J, it’s definitely more than what the company is planning to offer patients who have been hurt by the Pinnacle implant, another of the company’s metal-on-metal hip replacements. Johnson & Johnson “is fighting complaints related to the Pinnacle device—meaning that patients with virtually identical problems are facing different financial burdens,” a July 2012 Reuters article reports.

The article goes on to compare the experiences of two patients: “Frances,” who had surgery to repair a fracture to her hip caused by the ASR implant, and “Harriet,” who developed the same symptoms as Frances: pain, limited mobility and elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in her blood. Harriet’s left hip fractured at the implant site, requiring surgery.

While Frances was “reimbursed for most of her out-of-pocket expenses and could be eligible for some of the settlement funds,” Harriet “has received no compensation for the repair from J&J,” according to Reuters.

Harriet’s cause isn’t a lost one just because J&J hasn’t offered her settlement money, however. She is reportedly suing the company to recover the compensation she’s entitled to.


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