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I am a 48 year old female who had a smith and nephew metal on metal hip implanted in 2007. I immediately started feeling rubbing and pain.

My surgeon said they were great and that I was suffering from depression.

I have made approx. 15 trips to the er and local doctors. I was listed as a drug seeker.

Finally last year I got a letter from UVA stating that I needed to come in for testing. My levels of metal were also off the charts and after a bone density scan, replacement surgery was scheduled with in days.

I have been seeing a psychiatrist for four years thinking something was wrong with me.

I have filed a suit for 6.4 million against them and my life is in ruin. Financially, emotionally and in so many ways…this blog isn’t long enough to explain what I’ve gone through.

What they have done to make a “buck” is criminal and destroying lives beyond repair should require jail time. My feelings of anger can’t be measured.

You work your life and to have something like this destroy it all…..there are no words for the way I feel.

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