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Howard Sadwin – robbed of life

Many of you will have read Howard Sadwin’s story and comments over the last 6 months.

If you have any doubt about the impact of the BHR hip replacement device when it goes wrong – which is being seen more and more – then take a look at this. Same goes for other Metal on Metal hips.

Howard used to enjoy taking on the world and time with his Grandson - now his wee boy wants to do other things but the roles are reversed.

Howard suggests that all of you who have had problems with any hips –  to take videos, pictures of how your MOM has altered your life, moving around, can’t bend over, can’t walk whatever.  I will publish them – over 86,000 visits to this site in the last 6 months – nearly 800 a day at present – your story will get heard.

You can email me at earl.stevens@gmail.com