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QEH hip ops rated among UK’s best

Published on Thursday 22 September 2011 22:20 Source: Click here

HIP fracture care at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been rated among the best in the East of England.

The hospital scored top marks for that particular type of orthopaedic care in the 2011 report from the National Fracture Database, published last week.

It revealed that hip fracture patients at the QEH are not only treated swiftly – more than 80 per cent are admitted to an orthopaedic ward within four hours, one of the best results in the region – but after-care is good too.

Only 0.7 per cent of QEH patients were found to have suffered pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, during their stay – a figure only marginally bettered by a hospital in Hertfordshire.

Patients also have the best chance of having a hip replacement following a fracture with 100 per cent in this category receiving replacements – putting the QEH in joint first place in the region along with Peterborough District Hospital.

QEH patients can also expect to be home quicker after treatment. The average hospital stay is just 11.6 days, the second best in the region after Southend hospital.

Orthopaedic consultant Mamoun Abdel-Gadir said: “We are looking after our patients very well indeed. The reason for this is that we have such good teamwork in this trust at every level. This is good news for our patients, particularly the elderly.”