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Update – Pain Central

I am struggling along – I have the most amazing headaches and hip pain and body aches at present.

The right hip continues to be painful and it will be good to have it out.

The left hip is really painful too.

As a pen friend, Christina, said, “you get used to pain”. I think most other people would think they are dying but we just keep smiling!

So I am taking panadol osteo (panadol and codeine) but not working too much – not at all.

And I was putting my son’s kayak on the trolley and one of the bungie cords flew off and punched me in the nose – not helping my head ache.

I have been thinking a lot about whether I want to have the operation but the continual pain, head aches and feeling sick in the stomach from the constant pain keeps me coming back to this being the right decision.

I am reading about lots of quick recoveries and planning to have one too!

Only trouble is that I keep reading about this revision being a harder operation to recover from – which doesn’t thrill my usually optimistic soul!

Isabella – my daughter (right)

Family is sick of immobile depressed (physically) Dad and waiting for the happy one to come back.

Wish I could get my left hip done at the same time and get all this stuff behind me (so to speak!) for 15 – 20 years!

Off to have rest – sitting is too hard at present!