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“From Pain to PainlesseBook Diary Assists Patients Facing Hip Replacement Surgery

Over 250,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed each year. With aging baby boomers, this number will soar in the next decade. Patients facing hip replacement surgery get ready answers about what to expect from a new ebook by Pete Smith.

A patient’s personal diary of hip replacement surgery with tips on improving your hospital stay and easing your recover.

From Pain to Painless

Quote start.…I think this diary will be very helpful to someone trying to decide whether to have a hip replacement or to someone about to undergo hip replacement. I will definitely recommend my patients read your diary. Forward by: Robert S., M.D, Birmingham, ALQuote end

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

Written in a conversational, informative and empathetic style, this ebook is Smith’s personal diary of his experience with hip replacement surgery. Smith speaks to the patient’s fears and walks the reader through the entire process; he avoids the surgical details over which the patient has no control.

As a proactive patient, he offers over 30 Tips on improving a patient’s hospital stay and easing their recovery. Smith posted 11 Patient Expectations in his hospital room. He credits his communicating these written expectations to the hospital staff for significantly improving this hospital stay compared to his first hip surgery six years earlier.

Smith begins:

“Eight weeks ago I had my left hip replaced. Today I was released by my orthopedic surgeon and told to come back in a year. I am walking, driving, and the pre-surgery pain is gone…With the idea that knowledge is power, if this diary helps to alleviate your fears and helps you through the healing process, then I have met my objective.”


The diary closes with:

“I know there are a lot of people walking around with hip pain that can be relieved through surgery. Do it! You will hate the first week, dislike weeks two and three, but, your only question after about eight weeks will be, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’”

Smith describes the patient’s journey from pre-hospital preparation through the inpatient stay to recovery at home. He shares these experiences.

  •     His pre-surgery recommendations
  •     What hurts and what doesn’t
  •     What happens during your hospital stay
  •     The physical therapy process: hospital, home and out-patient
  •     Dealing with all the doctors, nurses, aides, therapists and staff
  •     His list of Patient Expectations

Designed for anyone considering hip replacement surgery, this 12,000 – word ebook enables the reader to face the experience with greater confidence and peace of mind. Much of the information is also pertinent for patients facing knee replacement or any surgical hospital stay.

“From Pain to Painless” is $6.99 and is available at:

  •     Amazon for Kindle or compatible device or software: mobi file format.
  •     iTunes for iPad or compatible device or software: epub file format.
  •     Barnes and Noble for Nook or compatible device or software: epub file format.

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Pete Smith is a management consultant specializing in business succession: buying, selling, family gifting, appraisals, divorce, partnership transactions, etc. He can be reached at (205) 837-4845 or cpsmith(at)conweb(dot)com. The website is http://www.FromPaintoPainless.com.

“From Pain to Painless” is formatted and published by eBooksTalkToMe.com, Birmingham, Alabama.

Excerpts at: http://www.value-a-business.com/FPTPExcerpts.pdf

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