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Patients are the cobblestones on the path to doctors profits (Earl Stevens, 2011)

by Earl Stevens on Monday, 11 July 2011 at 23:49

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I have a Smith and Nephew Birmingham Spectron cobalt chrome metal on metal hip – put in August 2008.

Long story (recorded on my Blog My Story) but surgeon told me it was stainless steel. I should have known but I guess I was in too much pain at the time to think straight.

Since the operation I have had a hell time but always put it down to – it takes a year or two to get the full benefit & settle down (see Current Issues with my hip)

But it hasn’t – I am now on the maximum dose of Naproxen SR (1000 mg) daily and it is still painful; it is out doing the pain from the left hip which is impatiently waiting its replacement.

I have been researching the issue and trying to figure out how to make S&N’s life less profitable and what to replace this hip and the left hip with – and how to not take too long away from work, which is a necessary evil for most of us…

Look forward to hearing from you – I also have a Facebook Group called Total Hip Replacement News which mirrors what I post on https://earlsview.com – almost.

Daily now I am hearing from you that Smith & Nephew has lot’s of problems too – but so far long-suffering (literally) S&N hip replacement Recipients have no voice – let’s change that!

Send me your stories and we will make a difference!



Earl Stevens

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