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Sadwin – Did Not See The Smith & Nephew Guide pre-op – Neither Did I…

Actually My Surgeon told me it was “stainless steel”…

People should be aware that according to the information posted Smith and Nephew’s (Birmingham Hip ) BHR has cobalt and chromium components.

I recently read an article Nurse Week News, October 23, 2006, by Debra Anscombe Wood, RN.

In the article, one paragraph states:

potential surgical complications include infection, fracture of the femoral neck, damage to the blood vessels or nerves, allergic reactions, avascular necrosis, and thrombosis, heart attack, or stroke related to anesthesia.

SMITH & NEPHEW reports that complication rates and types of complications are similar to other hip replacement procedures. (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system risks and patient information guide).

I have seen too many reports from indivduals with BHR problems, however a statement like the above if SMITH & Nephew is saying their BHR device has had similar problems, they must have overlooked disclosing this information to me and you !

What a surprise, I don’t even remember seeing information like this when they captivated or cornered the hip market, when DePuy was beginning to see big problems with their device.

Good old market share and Financing, once again takes presidence  over the safety and well being of you and me.


Howard Sadwin

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