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Just Found an Amazing DePuy Victim Blog – very well put together

My View:

You must check it out… click on the blue title below

My DePuy Hip Recall

This website is dedicated to providing public information regarding DePuy Hip recall and other related information to the recall. None of the information on this site is intended to be formal legal advice, nor should any information on this site be construed as advice that should be used in lieu of information from your attorney or physician.

Here are the links to Connie’s story – please read them and send her some encouragement.

About Me – My Story
My Big Open Question
First Follow up Appointment with my Surgeon re the Recall
Notice from My Surgeon on the Recall
My 2nd Appointment with My Orthopedic Surgeon
My appointments with specialists seem to result in more questions than answers
My visit to the Nephrologist resulted in some interesting information with respect to the role of the kidney with metal toxicity
Interesting findings from my final two consults-will share in sequence over the next 4 days.
….. While awaiting a decision from my team: DePuy hip Revision or not?
Updated recommendations re the decision: DePuy hip revision or not.
My conundrum with the logic surrounding the revision options with the DePuy hip
Up date on my DePuy hip consult conclusions: Decision to Revise
My final visit with my Ortho Surgeon tomorrow
My final appointment with the ortho surgeon today

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