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Canadian Joint Registry

There is an incredible depth of information in this publication.

  • Hip Revision rates have been rising dramatically per head of population.
  • Since 2002–2003, a steady increase in the number of primary hip replacements has outpaced the growth in hip revisions in the CJRR by 15%. The cumulative increase was 52% for primary hip procedures. For hip revision, the increase over the four years was 37%.
  • Despite all the hype about short-stay anterior hip surgery, the majority of surgery is conventional posterior or lateral
  • 79% of hip replacements are metal on plastic – so metal-on-metal is way lower – 6% in fact – Ceramic on plastic is second a 14%.
  • Looks like metal-on-metal problems will be lower in Canada in absolute terms.
  • What surprised me was that 70% of hip replacements were cementless, 26% hybrid and only 3% fully cemented.

You need to have a look at this – download it here – click here.

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