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In May 2011 I was made aware by a friend’s mother of an ABC news programme that was about to screen. Apparently there had been news reports over the previous few days about a large number of metal on metal hip replacements failing.

While I thought that this was interesting I didn’t think it applied to me as I “had a stainless steel” hip. I still remember the surgeon explaining to me that the stainless steel was a much better bet than titanium because it was more flexible and there were less complications, especially in younger patients, such as me – and that it should last me a good 20 years or so. Great I thought at the time. Made sense to me.

I watched the ABC News report with real interest and began to see some parallels with my own experience but remained confused as mine was meant to be stainless steel and this would only happen with cobalt chrome prostheses.

BUT – as I found out, I have a cobalt chrome hip – the Smith & Nephew Birmingham Spectron metal-on-metal hip replacement; which is metal-on-metal.

The ABC News Article is reported here [click here].

The text from the article is revealing and deeply disturbing for those with metal on metal (MOM) hip replacements (see here).

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