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I have added a new page to the Blog called “Hip Hell” which is going to be devoted to Hip Replacements – and some of the learning I have had on this topic over the last few years.

The idea is to be informative, objective, and thought provoking.

Things have not gone well for me, which is a point of some personal bitterness, but I love Tony Abbott‘s one liner (not original) – “shit happens”.

Actually, on that point I wonder why there was a media uproar at all?

Julia Gillard stands amongst the devastation of the recent Japanese tsunami and remarks – “looks like it was hit by a bomb” – why didn’t the media climb all over her for making an insensitive remark which clearly links to Hiroshima? LOL…

So life is a journey, and what a privilege really – imagine not to have experienced life at all (impossible I know), and whatever we encounter on the way is better than not being on any way at all.

I’m looking forward to this project – I am sure there are others out there with their stories to add too – if you have one you would like to publish then contact me at earl.stevens @ gmail.com.

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